About Maxine Frankel


   Acrylic on canvas



There is nothing that can surpass the creative energy I feel when I paint.  I paint in a flow of authentic expression, connecting with myself as an artist and a woman.  As an abstract painter, I feel a sense of awe as I explore methods, techniques, and my own feelings. 


Creativity doesn't always happen smoothly.  At times I struggle with the painting process.  During these times, I need to remember my flow and the happiness of being in the moment while I paint.  Interestingly, mistakes can be exciting for they often result in the discovery of new directions that are very thrilling.   I am  grateful that I have this personal mirror in which I see, learn and evolve.

My paintings vary in subject and style-some were created to push the boundaries of the place women occupy in history and myth- some are reactions to my past - others are  reactions to the political climate I live in.  Many, however, are personal responses to beauty and happiness.  I hope you can enjoy all of them!

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